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Search In Place



Welcome To... Search In Place

When Your Personal Brand Matters

  • What is a Personal Brand?
  • Do You Have a Personal Brand?
  • Does Your Resume Distinguish Your Unique Ability?
  • How Can Social Media Help You Maintain a Professional Edge?

When You Are Good, There is No Competition, There is tremendous talent in the business community, but corporate bureaucracies, market dynamics, and internal challenges can dim even the brightest career path. Also, professionals grow. In many cases, employers don’t offer enough opportunities to fulfill the development needs of professionals who thrive on challenge and stimulation. Our experience is that a real professional is uncomfortable being comfortable. Being employed simply isn’t enough.

Search In Place Helps Busy Professionals Work “On” Their Career. We fill the search void for the busy professional who has focused on working “in” their career.

Search In Place Is The Answer For the Busy Professional. At Search In Place, you get a full-service solution that will help you define your unique ability and postiion you for your professional challenge: that next job, your new assignment, or your dream business venture.

Search In Place Helps You
  • Define Your Capabilities
  • Create Your Professional Sound Bites
  • Develop Your Distinctive Resume and Biography
  • Showcase YOUR Best Practices